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The Nest is a Christian cooperative community of homeschooling families, where we prioritize family involvement, literature-based learning, STEM education, and include children with mixed abilities – all while steering clear of publicly funded programs.
Tara Roehl
Tara RoehlFounder of 'The Nest'
Tara is a homeschool graduate (Kindergarten-Graduation), homeschooling mom, homeschool advocate and Speech-Language Pathologist.

Tara started The Nest in 2015 in her living room with a few local parents and mail order co-op curriculum. Soon we grew to taking over two floors of her house! Since then we moved into our current facilities and Tara began designing the curriculum herself.

Tara started The Nest to have a community for families – she saw too many parents feeling lonely on this homeschool journey when depending on drop off programs. By being a parent run co-op, the entire family finds community within our nest!

Her amazing husband, Oliver, helps every week at The Nest and her two kids attend every week.

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The Nest wrapped up our year with 26 of us camping and touring sites in Wyoming related to our last book of the year - Buffalo Bill by Frank L Beals 🦬

It was a great adventure with laughter, mishaps, excitement, exploring and so many memories made!

Including this stop - the Oregon Trail Ruts. Those groves in the stone were made by the Oregon Trail Wagons!
Hawks had to work to pack everything they would need on a wagon train into the limited space of a wagon - including people!

3 weeks into Buffalo Bill and we're loving it ❤️

Today we got to watch the eclipse with 40+ of our friends - We love when cool events happen during co-op!

We had glasses, colanders and specially built viewing boxes to share amongst our group!

PE happened indoors with adult supervised viewing outside ❤️
A huge thank you to @wingsmuseum for hosting The Nest today - it was amazing! 

From two AMAZING private tours by Phil and Royce to our specially made private da Vinci class by Michelle and Brian - we truly received the VIP treatment!
In Literature class today the kids collected clues to discover who stole the Mona Lisa while learning about the case that made the painting famous.

They have one week to figure out the case and report back to the teacher for a prize 🤩

Did you know DaVinci had a favorite type of paper? Neither did we, until our DaVinci cycle!

Our students have learned all about DaVinci while also learning how to make paper in Handicraft class!
We came, we explored, we learned - and we had the place almost entirely to ourselves!

Don't worry, 45 Nesters made sure the staff were on their toes 😉 only 7 friends weren't able to make it! 

We saw multiple surgeries including a dog who had swallowed a pacifier 😬 Some friends participated in a research study and we even saw scientists at work in their labs! #thisishomeschooling
When you use any excuse you can to bring robotics and coding into your classes! 🤖 

Today we wrapped up Doctor Dolittle and our Cubetto (@primotoys) made an appearance as Dolittle's ship in literature class! 🧭

We navigated Dolittle from the pirates, to finding the uncle on the island and then home to Puddleby by coding and using our ocean map 🗺 

The Scrub Jays spent extra time after the final bell to ensure Dolittle got home 🎉 

We also practiced using Port and Starboard instead of left and right 😉 #thisishomeschooling #thenestcoop
How are we already wrapping up Cycle 3: Doctor Dolittle - and having so much fun as we go?!

Next week is our last classroom week and then it's a field trip to the vet hospital! The kids will be able to explore science exhibits and see actual vet visits and surgeries!
The first ever Nest Christmas play was a huge success!

The kids were over the moon and the audience was full of people who love these kids - aunts, uncles, dads, moms, cousins, grandparents...

It was a beautiful sight 😍
The Nest has a monthly Parents Night Out - this month was @dogoodergames! Croissants, caffeine, laughs and some new games added to our wish lists ❤️
The Nest goes on approximately 8 field trips a year in addition to holiday parties, an awards ceremony and a Christmas play!

We just finished Cycle 1: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - so we took a field trip to Hammonds!

We have another epic candy themed field trip coming up next week, and a group trip to the aquarium this week 😍

The Nest is all about community and long term relationships - seeing these families bonding together is such a beautiful gift!
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