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The Nest is a Christian cooperative community of homeschooling families, where we prioritize family involvement, literature-based learning, STEM education, and include children with mixed abilities – all while steering clear of publicly funded programs.
Tara Roehl
Tara RoehlFounder of 'The Nest'
Tara is a homeschool graduate (Kindergarten-Graduation), homeschooling mom, homeschool advocate and Speech-Language Pathologist.

Tara started The Nest in 2015 in her living room with a few local parents and mail order co-op curriculum. Soon we grew to taking over two floors of her house! Since then we moved into our current facilities and Tara began designing the curriculum herself.

Tara started The Nest to have a community for families – she saw too many parents feeling lonely on this homeschool journey when depending on drop off programs. By being a parent run co-op, the entire family finds community within our nest!

Her amazing husband, Oliver, helps every week at The Nest and her two kids attend every week.

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